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Date Set for Decemberchild 2014!
Note: Date has recently been changed to Saturday, December 6, at 7pm.
Will still be held at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz

Superior Olive with special guest Aynsley Dunbar on drums performing last year at Decemberchild 2013, Photo by Tiffany O'loughlin

Of all the many projects, feats, and events put on by Still Fumin’ Records, the annual Decemberchild Benefit Concert held an exceptionally special meaning for the recently passed Jacob John Savell. He put a truly . . . more

Jacob John Savell, RIP
June 17, 1954 - July 29, 2014

Jacob John Savell, RIP.  Photo by Dina Scoppettone.

It is with heavy hearts and many tears that we make this announcement. Dear Jacob, brother, friend, philanthropist, preacher, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, manager, and force of nature passed on to the next life . . . more

The Decemberchild Story:

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The genesis for the Decemberchild celebration began with Superior Olive lead . . . more

Decemberchild Mission:

Jacob Save handing out raffle prize to a young audience member

Fellowship with others that share the experience of a birthday overwhelmed by the holiday season, and helping . . . more